About the Company - Page 1 Enterprise
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About the Company

Research & Testing. Process. People. Scale.



PAGE 1 ENTERPRISE is a leading SEO agency built to over-deliver for every client it accepts. We have developed a specialized team of SEO strategists, visual designers, social media mavens, conversion optimizers, and coders. By pioneering new methods, we have found success where others have failed. Jun Kim is about being transparent with customers and getting results. We excel at delivering substantial value for our partners and promise professional services backed by results.


Research & Testing

We believe in research and will not move forward without testing. We take our role in this partnership very seriously and it’s the reason why we’re great at what we do. We have over 1000+ websites that are tracking Google’s algorithm every day.


The reason why we are able to over-deliver MASSIVE results for our clients is because we have our system down to an art. We have engineered a proprietary system that has and is continuing to leave a trail of success wherever we go.


Our belief is in our system and our people. Our aim is to have meaningful work and meaningful relationships. We run with idea meritocracy which means ‘where the best ideas win out’. We work with radical transparency and empower our people.


The internet allows small businesses to reap the benefits that only corporations could afford to back when there was no Google. Our framework will put you in the best position to scale at massive, exponential curve.